What is FabLearn Australia?

FabLearn Australia is a conference inspired by Stanford Graduate School of Education's global FabLearn conferences (USA, Japan, United Kingdom and Denmark) which are instrumental in the integration of digital fabrication in education.

The conference is held at Australia’s only FabLearn Lab, located at Lauriston Girls’ School in Melbourne, Victoria.

The purpose of the conference is to enable sharing of ideas and practices, creating opportunities for collaboration between colleagues and schools, and to demonstrate the power of digital fabrication to engage students and inspire them to think laterally.

Why did Lauriston Girls’ School establish a FabLearn Lab?

The FabLearn Lab has allowed Lauriston to create a cross-disciplinary space in which our students can participate in a broad range of projects and activities that encompass all of the subjects they study. We believe that through digital fabrication, we are providing a valuable avenue for inspiring our students to continue their studies in STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics) and helping them to experience real life projects.

A FabLearn Lab is a fun and collaborative learning environment where students are encouraged to combine technology with making to design and construct new inventions. In our FabLearn Lab you will find laser cutters, routers, 3D printers, milling machines, programming tools and hand tools.

Lauriston Girls’ School is part of Stanford’s global network of FabLearn Lab schools. Lauriston teachers are constantly developing new curriculum materials to use in the FabLearn Lab.

Learn more about Lauriston’s FabLearn Lab.

Unfortunately, FabLearn 2018 has been cancelled